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Howdy! Please to meet ya! These are being updated - - Check back soon!!!


One of the great things about raising sheep is meeting so many wonderful people along the way!  Take a gander at our visiting options below.  We would love to meet you!!!  

Snuggle a Sheep - Farm Tour


Our sheep are very friendly and are always looking for free handouts of snuggles and scratches. And what a better way to put a face with the yarn, then to come out for a tour and meet the sheep who bares the name on your skein!  


The tour takes about an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the size of your group.  We will begin on the porch of our 1869 school house for a quick introduction, learn about the unique qualities of our breeds, look at raw wool, and answer any questions that you may have at that time.  Next we will head up to see the sheep!  We will stop by the ram pasture and say hello to the big boys, then we will mosey on over to the ewe and wether pasture.  Here you will be able to take a sheep selfie, or as we like to call them - a "shelfie," with your favorite sheep.  You will be able to pet them, possibly help feed, and if it's the right season squeeze a lamb!  


This is a great way to gather your fiber arts group, family, or friends for a fun, relaxed field trip. Parking space is limited, so carpooling is recommended.  Wool products will be on hand for purchase. 


Contact Amanda at either or call 610.233.8105 to set up a  date and time.  

Luncheon with Lambs 

Be our guest and enjoy a lovely lunch amongst the sheep and lambs!  Spend the lunch hour indulging in a homemade meal comprised of local ingredients.  What a sweet way to spend a special time with your fiber arts group, friends, or family.  Menus will be sent when you book your date.  Next, take a tour to meet the sheep!  This is a perfect time to snuggle a sheep and burn some calories from lunch. ;)  


End the day with some shopping.  Now you can put a face with the yarn after spending time with our wooly wonders.  


Groups of 5 - 10 preferred

Cost: $20/person (both meat and vegetarian options available) 

Time: about 2.5 hours 


Contact Amanda at either or call 610.233.8105 to set up a  date and time after September 1st.

Starter Flock - Needle Felt Ornament Class


Have you ever wanted your own sheep but just didn't either have the space or the time?  What's the next best thing?  Creating your own sheep through needle felting!  


Learn how to needle felt your own sheep ornament using wool from our flock!  I promise you won't want to stop after just one.  Plus, every sheep needs at least one buddy.  Be inspired by the colors of our sheep that you will be able to see during a short tour. 


Groups of 3 or more preferred.

Cost: $40/person  (includes needle felting supplies and wool to make two sheep ornaments, plus a light refreshment)

Time: about 1.5 hours to complete


Contact Amanda at either or call 610.233.8105 to set up a  date and time.  

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